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Long Cucumber, the piece



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Conservation: 5 days in the vegetable compartment of the refrigerator. Film it if first cut.  Avoid the proximity of the fruits with pips and citrus fruits which makes it yellow.

Preparation: To make discharge cucumber is no more  necessary  because it is not bitter and that preserves all the vitamins. Leave the skin for a best crunching and a point of bitterness.

Cooking: 4 mns with the pressure-cooker, 6 mns with the microwaves:   peel, cut in pieces,  lay out in a dish, add a soup spoon of water,  cover, mix on mid-cooking.

Consumption: Vintage:  salads or entries, in the form of ribbons with a treasurer, in filaments with a rape, in discs, in sauce (mixed with yoghourts and spices). Cooked: it replaces zucchini or aubergine in ratatouille. In accompaniment of poultries, fish, shellfish, cheeses. Grasses can be added  : dill, chive, mint, saffron, nutmeg.