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Mona Lisa potatoe, the kilo



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Conservation: 2 to 3 weeks. To maintain with the top of 6°C (Optimum between 6 and 10°C).Eviter the light which makes make green and makes it nonedible. A too long storage makes him lose its vitamins and causes its germination in spring.

Cooking: 15 minutes out of discs or 20 minutes whole in cold salted water, 7 minutes with the pressure-cooker, 10 minutes with the microwaves for 4 regular tubers, to prick them as a preliminary, have on only one layer in a dish covered with 25 ml water and to stir up with semi-cooking. Or 1 H whole in curlpaper with hot furnace (200°C).Potato is cooked when the point of the knife is inserted easily in the flesh.